Power of the Gemstones

What the Ancients believed were the powers and qualities of each gemstone:


The Ancients believed Amazonite aids in truth finding. Helps develop integrity. Enhances love and soothes emotional distress and tension, and reduces ones stress.


The Ancients believed Amethyst to be the “Stone of Spirituality” increasing nobility, spiritual awareness and strength. It aids in healing, renewal, and deep peacefulness.


The Ancients believed Angelite aids in dreaming, deep spiriutal growth, and celestial travel. A stone of heightened awareness and peacefulness. It is used to facilitate contact with angels.


The Ancients believed Aquamarine promotes safe travel in body and spirit, releases hidden anxieties, facilitates communication with others and with the deeper self, and aids in achieving restfulness.


The Ancients believed Azurite, know as the "Stone of the Heavens," aids in spiritual communication, reduces anger, promotes the search for wisdom, and increases psychic awareness.

Black Onyx

The Ancients believed Black Onyx aids in wise decision making. Repels negativity in oneself and deflects the negativity of others. Helps with stability in uncertain situations, and helps break bad habits.


The Ancients believed Carnelian is the “Stone of Confidence” aiding the wearer in decision-making abilities. Protects from anger, jealousy and fear of the unknown. Assists in finding one’s soulmate.


The Ancients believed Chalcedony to be the "Dream Stone" with gentle energy that fosters balance and healing. It protects against bad dreams and encourages positive dreams. It protects against evil and aids in peacefulness and increases a sense of wellbeing.

Connemara Marble

The Ancients believed Connemara Marble brings the wearer serenity, deep peacefulness and connection to ancient Ireland.

Dragon Blood Jasper

The Ancients believed Dragon Blood Jasper increases courage, strength, healing and aids in possessing ones own brave heart. It aids in increasing energy flow spiritual through the heart.


The Ancients believed Fluorite is a protective and stabilizing stone that can aid in harmonizing spiritual energy. Fluorite increases intuitive abilities.

Freshwater Pearl

The Ancients believed Freshwater Pearl promotes sincerity, purity, truthfulness, and steadfast loyalty. Enhances personal integrity and resolve to look beyond oneself and focus attention on others.


The Ancients believed Garnet to be the “Stone of Contentment” bringing the wearer love and passion, positive thinking, inspiration, creativity, and renewed self-confidence.

Green Aventurine

The Ancients believed Green Aventurine protects the heart, enhances creativity, and promotes healing. It is a soothing stone and aids in deep purification. Brings joy.


The Ancients believed Howlite is the “Stone of Peace and Insight” which relieves stress of all kinds, reduces insomnia, helps the wearer to overcome critical or selfish behavior, and increases self-confidence


The Ancients believed Jasper to encourage gentleness, aids in relaxation, enhances the ability to feel tranquility and wholeness.

Kilkenny Marble

In Ireland the City of Kilkenny is often referred to as “The Marble City”. The footpaths of the city streets were paved with the marble which when wet on dark winter nights glistened under street lamps.

Lavender Quartz

The Ancients believed Lavender Quartz reduces stress, calms the senses, and attracts positive energy. Aids in inner healing, dreaming, and increases deep peaceful rest.

Lapis Lazuli

The Ancients believed Lapis Lazuli to be the “Courage Stone” and wards off evil and darkness. It is thought to be the stone that helps ease fear and anxiety of all things unknown.

Mahogany Obsidian

The Ancients called Mahogany Obsidian the “Mirror Stone” because it reflects one’s soul. It is thought to promote a forgiving attitude and releases grievances. It helps stimulate growth of physical, emotional and spiritual centers.


The Ancients believed Malachite to be the “Stone of Healing” It is worn to restore vitality, mental awareness, and good health. Malachite brings deep restorative sleep.

Moss Jade

The Ancients believed Moss Jade brings the wearer prosperity, abundance and longevity of life. It aids in creating balance and stability in ones life.


The Ancients believed Mother-of-Pearl was a symbol of deep spiritual beauty, and the “otherworld” and all its hidden treasures which were ruled by Cliodna, Celtic goddess of the sea.


The Ancients believed Peridot to be the transmitter of healing powers. Helpful in clearing physical and emotional distress, getting rid of negative patterns so growth is possible.

Picture Jasper

The Ancients believed Picture Jasper helps one to be a visionary and encourages wholeness. Aids in development of personal strength and courage. And to “see” into the “other world” of the mystics.


The Ancients believed Prehnite aids in dreaming. It is the “Stone of Protection.” Encourages compassion, forgiveness and acceptance and gives the wearer a clear mind and heart. Bonds relationships, and helps create a feeling of contentment and connection.

Rose Quartz

The Ancients believed Rose Quartz is one of the most powerful healing stones restoring youthful qualities of both body and spirit. It is said to increase self-esteem and confidence.


The Ancients believed Sapphire is “The Stone of Wisdom.” It brings joy and expands intuitive knowledge. Calms and detoxes the body.


The Ancients believed Serpentine aids in rebirth, the constant renewing of ones self. It is said to restore self-confidence, dispel fear and enhance meditation.

Sky Quartz

The Ancients believed Sky Quartz aids in deep, vivid dreaming, finding life’s path, and discovering one’s true desires.

Smoky Quartz

The Ancients believed Smoky Quartz is the “Stone of Protection.” It connects the wearer with the earth bringing emotional stability, helps one to look forward leaving behind that which no longer serves in spiritual growth or emotional well-being.


The Ancients believed Turquoise absorbs negative energies, enhances intuition, allows clarity of vision, and gives its wearer vibrance.

Ulster Marble

Found in the ancient mountains on the Atrim coastline in Northern Ireland, Ulster Marble with its deep cream color is thousands of years old and thought to bring tranquility, peacefulness and good luck.