AROMA-12 Wild Irish Rose Aromatherapy Pendant


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"My wild Irish Rose..." captured in design and color. 30mm stainless steel locket with magnetic closure. Simply open the aromatherapy locket and insert a color pad with your favorite fragrance or aromatherapy oil. 

Comes boxed or carded with extra pads in assorted colors to mix and match. 24" stainless steel chain included.

“My Wild Irish Rose” is probably the most famous song Irish-American Chauncey Olcott ever wrote. The inspiration for this solo composition was revealed by his wife Margaret after his death. On a visit to his mother’s homeland, Ireland, in 1898, a young boy gave Mrs. Olcott a flower. When she asked him what it was called he replied “...a wild Irish Rose.” Margaret put the flower in an album, and later when her husband asked her for suggestions for a song title she opened the album, pointed to it and said: “There’s the title for your new song.”

My wild Irish Rose,
The sweetest flow’r that grows,
You may search ev’rywhere
But none can compare
With my wild Irish Rose.
My wild Irish Rose,
The dearest flow’r that grows
And some day for my sake, she may let me take
The bloom from my wild Irish Rose.
—Chauncey Olcott            

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