DM-02 Stainless Steel Thor's Hammer with Celtic Knotwork Pendant

DM-02 Stainless Steel Thor's Hammer with Celtic Knotwork Pendant


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Stainless steel Thor's Hammer with blackened Celtic knot details on 3mm stainless steel 22"box chain. Thor's hammer measures 1.57" Comes boxed with story card about Legend of Thor's Hammer, or poly bag only.

• High quality stainless steel with blackened details.

• Box style chain for strength.

• Choose packaging: Gift boxed with story card explaining the meaning of the Celtic symbol and history of the Druids, or in poly bag only.

• Images available for easy integration into your website.

NOTE: Our GPD website allows you to place an order for items that may or may not be in stock. We are attempting to hold stock in the most popular designs however if we are out of stock on an item our system will allow you to order it and we will add it to our next stainless steel order. Turn-around time is approx. 3 weeks.

The Legend of Thor's Hammer

Thor, son of the high god Odin and the earth goddess Fjorgyn, was the god of thunder, champion of the gods, slayer of frost giants, and protector of lesser humans. He was a headstrong child, too much for his god parents, and was raised by Vingir and Hilora, spirits of lightening. read more...

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