GS391-P Lavender and Soft Pink Celtic Dragonfly

GS391-P Lavender and Soft Pink Celtic Dragonfly


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Celtic Dragonfly of soft lavender and pinkish glass beads and bi-cone crystals.

Earrings finished on sterling silver French ear wires. Pendants on 18" sterling silver chain. Comes carded with meaning of the Celtic symbol and power of the gemstone. 3-PACK bundles consist of 2 pairs of earrings and 1 pendant, our bestselling combination.

Save! 60+ units Discount: Choose any combination of Cruthu earrings or pendants and when you order 60 or more assorted units receive a $1 discount on each unit. 3-Packs count as 3 units towards the discount. Discount will be taken when order is filled and shipped. 

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About the Celtic Dragonfly

The Ancients have long known that the Celtic Dragonfly’s jewel-like tones take time to develop, reflecting the idea that our own true colors only come forth with maturity and going past self-created illusions that limit our growth and ability to change. The Ancients believed dragonflies represent positive forces,renewal and the power of life.

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