SeaGL-Pend04 Small Trinity Knot with Sea Glass and Real Faceted Gemstones Pendant


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The power of the ocean waters and its working of the seashore is found captured in a treasured piece of sea glass. A testament to the variety of plant and marine life these sea glass pendants comes in the sea's softest blues to deep ocean purples to the soft green of sea kelp. Soft Green, Ocean's Blue, Deep Water Lavender, or Seafoam Teal sea glass is combined with a small silver Trinity Celtic Knot and real gemstones of Aquamarine, Amethyst, Peridot, or Tanzanite. 

Finished on a 18" Sterling Silver chain. Boxed with story card explaining the Legend of the Selkie, Meaning of the Celtic Knot and the telling of the old Celtic Song of the Sea. 


• Real gemstones in 3-4mm faceted Amethyst, Aquamarine, Peridot or Tanzanite.

• Freeform cultured Sea Glass in colors of Soft Green, Ocean's Blue, Deep Water Lavender or Seafoam Teal. Actual sea glass may vary slightly from image.

• Sea Glass measures approx. 22-27mm.

• Celtic symbol adornments.

• 18" Sterling silver chain.

• Gift boxed with story card.

Legend of the Selkie

Most often in the deepest of night and under a full moon the Celtic Selkie will shed  her seal coat to come ashore...Read more

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